Utilities Industries

For many years utility companies and their sub-contractors throughout the country have come to depend on our consistently reliable service, products and rapid response for routine maintenance products as well as providing bespoke equipment for specialised projects.

Any break in supply of service can have catastrophic consequences to both business and domestic users so a prompt and efficient supply of remedial products and equipment is critical to reduce service disruption to a minimum.

We stock a huge range of utilities hoses, including WRAS Approved options in a variety of diameters and lengths suitable for drinking water, bypass applications, washdown, slurry and effluent. Ancillary items such as standpipes, keys and bars, couplings, adaptors, ball valves, gate valves, hose ramps and suction hose are all readily available to help you with your emergency requirements.

Our utilities hoses are supplied directly to water authorities throughout the country to various water treatment works, reservoirs and compounds. We also supply emergency kit to many of their service counterparts who have become reliant on our prompt and reliable service.

For contractors we can help you with equipping your vehicle with all the equipment you need, we can even personalise you hose by marking with your company name to make it stand out from the crowd.


For sales, technical queries or product advice our knowledgeable team are here to help. Call us on 01772 651550 or fill out an enquiry form today.