Sports & Leisure

We have been involved in the evolution and development of specialised sport & leisure hoses for flyboarding and other similar hydro-powered leisure pursuits for some time now. Traditionally manufactured products were struggling to meet the extraordinary demands put on the hoses by the users who continued to take their abilities to new extremes.

This environment of continual motion is not what a traditional hose was manufactured for, therefore with the co-operation of professional boarders within the sport we developed our Hydro-Pro and Hydro-Pro XF hoses designed specifically to give the user a more reliable hose with a longer service life, allowing for more personal freedom of expression. These hoses are now in use in all continents throughout the world and can be seen in use in many popular beach holiday destinations.

Our sport & leisure hoses are used in many ways in a variety of other sporting venues that have the need to transfer water, whether it be for irrigation of playing surfaces at football and rugby training facilities or for the pumping of flooded golf courses or horseracing tracks we have a product to suit.

We regularly supply drinking water hoses to numerous outdoor events and festivals to provide transfer to storage vessels and we also provide hoses for the collection and pumping of wastewater and sewage from the same events.

To compliment out sport & leisure hoses we also supply a broad range of associated products such as standpipes, hydrant keys, ramps and storage options.


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