The Defence Industry

With over 25 Years’ experience in supplying equipment to the defence industry our fire hoses, nozzles, kit and storage solutions have been shipped to a variety of sites in the UK and to various overseas locations where they have had to be able to perform under the most extreme of conditions.

In addition to providing items for firefighting our drinking water hoses are in use in many defence industry applications as well as being part of emergency aid kits supplied to third world countries.

As our products are sent to areas where they are tested to their limits and beyond we occasionally have to modify our standard products specifically to extend their capabilities so that they are able to cope with these conditions. For example, we can provide hoses with modified lining, jacket or external coatings and we can manufacture hose to specific NATO colour and hose markings. We can fit with special anodised couplings and adaptors to combat areas where high salt content is prevalent.

The very nature of the projects that we are involved in mean that we have to ensure that we adhere to strict and demanding delivery timescales without compromising product quality.

Our service flexibility gives us the platform necessary to continually achieve these exacting requirements to provide a reliable and trusted source of supply to our clients.

Our defence industry experience allows us to provide innovative solutions for special projects which require bespoke or modified products. Whilst we have an unrivalled selection of hose options available for numerous applications we are always being introduced to new uses for them other than the transfer of liquids, air and powder.


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