The Agricultural Industries

All types of farms, vineyards, orchards and market gardeners are reliant on providing regular water supplies to land and crops. They require a variety of different agricultural hoses for water distribution, sludge, slurry and manure for animal feeding and for the filling and distribution of water stored in water bowsers and tanks.

For large expanses of land specialised equipment is deployed for the spraying of crops and general irrigation applications. For this the farmers will use a specifically designed agricultural hose such as our Dragman. As its name suggests it is built exactly for this task being kink resistant and available in long lengths up to 200m. It is extremely resistant to external abrasion, typically 4-5 times that of standard rubber layflat hoses and also resistant to UV and ozone, produced in diameters ranging from 3 ½” to 8”. To compliment the Dragman we also supply a heavy duty feeder hose which is used to connect the dragging vehicle to its water source.

In addition we stock the required couplings to connect our agricultural hoses. The interconnecting Storz system is available with a segmental binding facility which allows simple removal or maintenance onsite.

We can equip you with your suction hoses and strainers for the pumping of flood water, surface water and ditches. They would usually be supplied with a leverlock coupling connection to a pump. These connections are available in a variety of sizes with interlocking adaptors and suction strainers available to suit.

We also stock a variety of BSP adaptors and fittings allowing connections to a broad range of other equipment. In addition we can also provide a range of heavy duty washdown hoses and nozzles suitable for keeping all machinery clean at the end of a busy shift.

RHL Agricultural Sector Experience


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