Inline foam inductor
Inline Inductors

Our foam inductors are designed to feed foam concentrates at a set mixing rate into the hose line. Inductors are placed in the delivery line between the pump and the foam nozzle and can be used for medium and heavy foam nozzles. The injector system creates a vacuum in the body of the inductor and the foam concentrate is picked up via a suction hose with a Storz 25-D connection.

Adjustable foam nozzle

We have medium and heavy foam nozzles available with a throw distance ranging from 8 to 28 metres. To be operated with foam inductors, recommended working pressure at the inlet is 3.5 Bar. The Pipes are made of Stainless Steel with  protection ring and handle made of rubber. A guage is mounted as a standard fitting.

Foam pick-up tube
Pick Up Tubes

Our Foam Pick up tubes are made of clear PVC non-collapsable suction hose with helical reinforcement 19mm diameter. Fitted with Light Alloy Storz D25 Coupling for connection onto inline inductor.


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