RHL supply corrosion resistant type 1 and type 2 WRAS approved underground hydrants along with a range of accessories and adaptors.
underground hydrant type-1
Type 1 Underground

The Series 29/61 is a Type 1 fire hydrant suitable for use with water and neutral liquids, to a maximum temperature of 70 °C. It’s fully maintainable, WRAS approved and features a low weight design. Composed of ductile iron structure it is corrosion resistant and compliant with BS EN 1074-6 standards.

underground hydrant type-2
Type 2 Underground

The Series 29/388 is a squat fire hydrant suitable for use with water and neutral liquids to a maximum temperature of 70 °C. It is kite marked to BS750 standards and WRAS approved for cold water use. It is fitted with an auto-frost drain valve and fixed stopper as standard. Composed of corrosion resistant ductile iron coated with an epoxy coating.

Hydrant Cleaner

Used by water authorities this product is designed to clean debris build up found in underground hydrants.

A delivery hose is connected to the head of the cleaner which allows pressurised water to be sent down an internal tube jetting the hydrant and forcing debris back up through the cleaner which escapes via the outlet.

Underground hydrant accessories
Hydrant Accessories

RHL offer a range of underground hydrant accessories and ancillaries including manhole lifting keys, false spindle adaptors keys, outlet covers and connection sealing washers.

underground hydant outlet adaptors
Outlet Adaptors

Standard Type 1 & 2 Underground Hydrants are supplied with 2 1/2” Round thread (male) outlets but we also supply a range of adaptors including female threads and blanking caps.


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