RHL provide an extensive range of hose accessories for a wide variety of applications and industry uses. Some of our most popular items are shown below, if you can’t find what you are looking for our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help.
Standard Breechings
Standard Breechings

Our standard breeching are available in both dividing & collecting formations. Dividing breechings are used to split a single inlet hose line into two outlets. Collecting Breechings are used to combine two hose inlet lines into one outlet. Available in light alloy or gun metal.

Controlled Breechings
Controlled Breechings

Our controlled breechings are designed to divide a single inlet to either two or three outlets.  Available with a choice of lever ball valves or screw-down valves to control individual outlets with a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

Utility Adaptors

Often when linking various equipment together you can find yourself with female ends meeting females and males meeting males.

The Double Instantaneous Adaptor provides a solution to this by allowing you to make the connection quickly and efficiently to continue the emergency supply.

In-Line Filters

Our in-line filters are designed to prevent debris from flowing along a line of hose.

Plastic Fire Cabinet
Plastic Cabinets

Our plastic High Density Polyethylene (HDP) fire hose cabinets provide robust storage solutions for hose equipment and are suitable for both internal and external use. Available in three differing capacity sizes to store a broad selection of equipment.

Steel Fire Cabinets
Steel Cabinets

Our steel cabinets are manufactured from 14swg Ziintec steel with RAL3002 polyester powder coating. They are fitted with chrome plated lockable handle, bullet hinges, break glass unit and weather proof seal. Available in single, double and custom configurations.

Glass Fibre Fire Cabinets
GPR Cabinets

Our GPR cabinets are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester resin with a continual stainless steel hinge. Fitted with internal steel reinforcement to facilitate wall mounting and stainless steel toggle door catch. Available in three differing capacity sizes to store a broad selection of equipment.

hose jacket protection
Jacket Protection

Our protection jacket is made from an uncoated multi-purpose polyester. The jacket has multiple applications including the bundling of cables and electrical wires, as protection for chains, belts, ropes, steel wire ropes or hydraulic hoses.

hose rubber lining
Hose Rubber Lining

Our vulcanised multi-purpose rubber lining is suitable for a variety of uses in the engineering, construction, transport and electrical industries. It can be used as a membrane or seal for the bundling of cables and wires, or as a protection hose for chains, belts, ropes, steel wire or hydraulic hoses.

protection hose
Protection Hose

A multi-purpose protection hose for mechanical engineering, construction, electric and cabling industries. The inner lining is a reinforced polyester high tenacity yarn with an oil resistant cover made from synthetic rubber. The protection hose provides good aging and abrasion resistance for a variety of uses.

hose flow meters
Flow Meters

Our easy to read WRAS approved flow meters have a large dial showing litres and cubic metres. Pulsed 10 litres per pulse for remote reading if required they are available in a variety of threads and finishes.

Y-Piece Divider

Stainless Steel Y-Piece designed to divide hose lines.


Female Ring Joint Type (RJT) to Male Instantaneous converter.

hose clamps
Hose Clamps

Our single and double bolt clamps are used to fix a hose to a coupling for either temporary on-site connection or a permanent connection.

hydrant flanges
Hydrant Flanges

Our hydrant flanges are available in a number of sizes in raised face, flat faced and threaded variations. They are cast from aluminium, brass, gun metal or carbon steel.

ship to shore flanges
Ship to Shore Flanges

Our ship to shore flange connections are designed for marine applications. The flange comes with slotted holes suiting many vessels with a variety of international outlet options, available in brass or gun metal.

Flange / Coupling Weld

All flange combinations welded with any coupling type.


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