Our brigade standpipe collection allows for connection to underground hydrants and also offers a range of accessories to covert the tap outlet type.

RHL Brigade Standpipes are used to connect to an underground hydrant as part of a mains supply. Standpipes without non-return valves are intended for use by fire brigades in emergency applications whereas other users should be using a standpipe with a non-return valve in order to prevent back-flow of contaminated water into the mains system.

We fabricate our brigade standpipes from our UK facility using durable materials for emergency and industrial use, under a quality management system.

RHL Standpipes are manufactured using both BS1490 LM25 and 6082 T6 Aluminium. The gaskets both in the base and head of the standpipes are made of NBR Rubber.

Our double check valves are WRAS approved and conform with EN13959, with the body made of body DZR and its non-return core being POM.



All of our standpipes are tested and certified in house using a ‘Hydrostatic Pressure Test Procedure’ to 16 bar working pressure. During testing the standpipes are pressurised to 22.5 bar for a minimum period of 2 minutes.



RHL have a wide variety of Brigade Standpipe options available including screw in and plug in head configurations with options including double check valves and both single and double headed variants. Outlets are 2 1/2″ female instantaneous and inlet options are 2 1/2″ BSRT female or 2 1/2″ Male Belfast V Thread.


standpipe with meter
Standpipe with Meter

In some applications it is necessary for the user to take a reading of the volume of water taken. Our brigade standpipe with water meter is fitted with an integral water meter to provide a digital read out of water volume and a non-return valve to prevent the potential back-flow of contaminates into the mains system.

Contractors Standpipe
Contractors Standpipes

Used to connect an underground hydrant our contractors standpipe creates a water source for the safe extraction of mains water. As standard the standpipe comes with a WRAS approved non-return valve to prevent back-flow of contaminated water into the mains system and is available in single and double headed options.

Standpipe Convertors
Standpipe Converters

Our brigade standpipe converter is used to simply adapt a brigade standpipe into a contractors standpipe. This can be achieved by connecting the male instantaneous inlet into the female instantaneous outlet on the standpipe, forming a bib tap outlet. Available with single or double tap outlets.

Boundary Box Standpipe

Our Boundary Box Standpipes are designed to connect directly to the meter box and can be supplied in all combinations to suit your requirements. The option shown is designed for a direct connection of a WRAS Approved hose to bring water flow back to a property.

Hose Locks

A standpipe which is being used for any length of time can be a potential hazard due to vandalism and theft. Our Hose Lock is a simple, robust, two-piece locking mechanism which slips over the female instantaneous and prevents the single twist release mechanism from being turned and hose being removed.

Standpipe adaptors
Standpipe Adaptors

Standpipe Adaptors are used to adapt both Standpipes and Underground Hydrant to different connections.

Keys and Bars

Our underground hydrant keys and bars fit standard sized hydrants with a 35mm square socket. The chisel bar can be stored inside the shank of the key for ease of transportation. Available in uncoated aluminium and blue powder coated mild steel.

Standpipe extensions
Standpipe Extensions

Our standpipe extensions provide a temporary extension to the length of standpipes. The standard extension is used to extend a standpipe when the ground level has been raised. Our key and bar extension connects to the base of the Key and is held in place by tightening the grub screw.


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